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This top-notch hardware, combined with our ingenious software, and the Pistalix TV App, gives you the following incredible features:

  •  Cast any YouTube video from your phone, to your screen, using either your home WiFi network, or by creating a hotspot and using your mobile data.
  •  No USB ports in your TV? Not a problem. Pistalix TV has 4 USB ports that you can use to play, see, or listen to any kind of media on your TV.
  •  There is a host of media on your phone, from camera media, WhatsApp videos to movies, why watch it on the small screen when you have a huge one home? Furthermore, why let it occupy precious phone memory that slowes the phone down? You can transfer all your media files to your Pistalix TV within seconds (wirelessly), using the Pistalix TV application, and watch it later at your convineance.
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Pistalix TV

Introductory Price : ₹ 4999/-

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