Unity 3D

by Pistalix Software Solutions

What Unity 3D is?

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by unity technologies. Unity is generally used to make video games, games, virtual realities and simulators for computers, consoles, and mobile devices. With Unity, one can make 2D and 3D games. Unity is an all-purpose game engine that supports 2D and 3D graphics, drag & drop functionality and scripting through C# (C# is a object-oriented programing language ).

What Unity Do?

  • Unity helps you make a game for 10 different platforms.
  • You can make Android game
  • You can make iOS game
  • You can make Windows game.
  • your movement.
  • Android almost help you in your daily routine.
  • Android provide service in the form of applications.


  • Faster Development
  • Cross Platform
  • Open Source
  • Media Support : I support wide range of media, like H.263, H.264, MPEG-4, AMR, AAC, MP3, JPEG, PNG, etc.



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